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How Tribalism, Bribery Are Sinking Makerere NRM Chapter

A hostile disagreement has risen amongst the top leaders and elders of ruling National Resistance Movement (NRM) Makerere chapter, The Tower Post has learnt.

The ruckus, according to sources within the camp, originates from Primary elections to select the flag bearer for the coming guild presidential elections.

Ruth Nsubuga was elected the flag bearer, in an election that was contested by fellow aspirants as well as top leaders in the party’s chapter.

This would later create division of support; formation of factions within the camp as well as defection of other members to other camps.

For over five years, the NRM chapter is yet to win any Guild Presidential Poll in Uganda’s prestigious University. Despite the history, the party continues to sink over internal conflicts rotating around tribalis and bribery.

Latest news from the camp indicate that Horace Mbabazi, the party’s Deputy General Secretary has accused former flag bearer and elder, Mandela Nkunda of accepting bribes from Nsubuga, one of the aspirants to coerce delegates to vote in her favor.

“As a Deputy General Secretary, I organized an almost successful primary election; little did I know that the so called Elders like Mandella who handpicked delegates, had been bribed,” Mbabazi said.

“They (elders) went around telling delegates most of whom were Banyarwanda or of Bahima descent that Ruth was one of them only married to a Muganda man called Nsubuga,” he added.

Mbabazi claims that the bribes and unfairness that marred the Primaries cost the “able” candidates a chance hold the Party’s flag.

He hailed opposition Forum for Democratic Change (FDC) saying; “Far and large ,as much as I hate the FDC, I must admit they have an exceptional candidate.”

He dismissed rumours of leaving NRM but affirmed his mistrust in the party’s candidate who he said will not have his support.

The Tower Post’s effort to get a comment from Mandela went futile as all his known phone numbers couldn’t go through.

The same claims have been heard over the past campaigns with many claiming that the party sidelines able candidates in favor of Banyankore.

In the 2015/2016 elections, an NRM flag bearer, a one Ssentongo was kicked out, days to elections. He would later claim that he was ousted because of his inability to speak Runyankore.

NRM leaning independent candidate, Micheak Opoya later took the flag although registered no success either.

Meanwhile, the same claims of tribalism and bribery have been cited in the FDC chapter although no top officials have come out on the same.

The claims have eaten up Uganda’s biggest parties from Makerere politics, leaving room for Uganda Youths Democrats and independents to enjoy the top seat.

Over the past three years, only Democratic Party leaning candidates have led Makerere as Guild Presidents.

Both FDC and NRM have not tested the University’s top student leadership position with the latter going for over 6 years.