Monday, December 10, 2018
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South Sudan Army Finally Resolves to Adopt New Name

The sixth command council of the Sudan People’s Liberation Army (SPLA) has reached a resolution to change the name the army acquired during the liberation struggle days into a peoples’ defence force.

The resolution was reached during a command council conference held at the army’s general headquarters, north of Juba.

The conference which majorly discussed issues relating to the restructuring and transformation of the SPLA was running under the theme “Restructuring for Effective Transformation”

The conference passed several resolutions and recommendations, including changing the SPLA’s name to South Sudan People’s Defense Forces (SSPDF).

The council called for the establishment of two undersecretaries in the ministry of defense, adoption of proper strategic plan procedure for logistic and procurement, putting in place a clear policy for motivation and promotion in the army.

President Kiir who opened the conference said he wanted resolutions and the recommendations which were passed at the conference implemented without delay.

He, however, emphasized the fact that restructuring the SPLA into an effective army to international standard requires collective efforts, saying it was now time to start helping in the transformation process.

“As I said at the opening day that restructuring SPLA will not be easy thing, I reiterate today that yes there are challenges which we shall face along the way but it is something we must not delay,” said Kiir, adding, “We must start now”.

According to South Sudanese leader, the system of recruitment into the military service must be reflective of all shades and faces of the country, stressing that selection should be done through recommendation from the states with equal share from all tribes.