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Coca-Cola Supports Maternal Health Cause for MTN Kampala Marathon

Coca-Cola Beverages Africa Uganda (CCBAU) became the first partner of the MTN Kampala Marathon 2017 to pick a cause that it will support.

The MTN Kampala Marathon 2017 is unique as participants will be able to pick from one of two causes that they will represent on Marathon day on November 19th, 2017.

During the press conference to handover Ugx 150 million as the sponsorship package for the MTN Kampala Marathon on Tuesday, CBAU officials confirmed that they had selected to support improving maternal health in Komamboga and Kiswa health centers – one of the two causes selected for the MTN Kampala Marathon.

“This year, Coca-Cola’s contribution will go towards improving maternal health through providing better facilities in Kiswa and Komamboga health centers,” reads a statement by CCBAU issued at the handover ceremony that took place at the Rwenzori Bottling Company in Namanve. Rwenzori is a subsidiary of CCBAU.

The two causes for the MTN Kampala Marathon are: improving maternal health at Komamboga and Kiswa Health Centres and replacing of cancer causing asbestos roofing in 20 Kampala Schools.

“This is a wonderful twist to the entire sponsorship. We get to decide the impact that it should have. If we can up the momentum in years to come, then we shall impact more people in society,” said Patrick Oyuru, the Commercial Director at CCBAU.

Handing over the Company’ s contribution to positive social change within communities in Uganda, Coca-Cola Beverages Africa Directors said the company was committed to improving Uganda through its regular business operations and partnering with causes like the MTN Marathon.

MTN’s Chief Marketing Officer Olivier Prentout welcomed CCBA’s sponsorship of the MTN Kampala Marathon. ‘We are proud to enjoy such a strong partnership with Rwenzori Mineral Water. To rally behind initiatives to cause a better standard of life for our customers and Ugandans at large is what true corporate social responsibility is.”

Adding, “The marathon this year will have runners choose whether to run for improving maternal health or to prevent exposure of our school children to cancer-causing agents present in asbestos roofing materials in over 20 Kampala school. We pledge a flawless event to enable you to represent your cause.”

The MTN Kampala Marathon contributions all go to causes and over the last 13 editions, nearly Ugx3bn has been raised. Registration for the 2017 edition is ongoing through the mobile money platform. Participants can dial *165*1*5# to select their cause for Ugx.23000. All marathon proceeds go to supporting the two causes.