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How to Know if She is Serious With You Or Just Having Fun

A serious relationship is characterized by the intention of the couple involved to keep the relationship going on as long as they live. If one of them thinks of the relationship as a temporary method to spend up time then it’s not a serious relationship.

The purpose of this article is to inform men about the signs of women in serious relationships so that they are able to tell whether the person they are dating is serious or just having fun and passing time.

When someone is not serious about a relationship, it is usually reflected in her behavior and in other signs.

Here’s how to know if she serious is with you or just having fun:

1. Goes on to party

If after a month of dating, she has not made any adjustment to her lifestyle, just enjoy the ride. I am referring to women who will drink the whole night away, party from weekend to weekend with no sign of slowing down. That is a sign of a woman not ready to take dating seriously.

Women who want a relationship tend to adjust as quickly as a prospective boyfriend or potential husband shows up. Even if it means pretending, they always try to adjust to meet the expectations of a good girlfriend.

2. Not clingy

Women after a relationship tend to be clingy to different extents. If she rarely questions what you are up to in the course of the day or rarely questions your every move, then she too, does not want to be bothered by you. Just enjoy the ride.

3. Avoids the talk’

If she does not want any talk about the relationship, then she has it worked out to the date she will dump you. Beware.

4. Values her independence

By and large, women always relinquish part of their freedom for them to be taken up by a man. It is the way the society works. If she insists on doing everything on her terms, then she is not quite keen on being some man’s girlfriend. I do not mean that independence is a bad thing, but there are those simple rules like who should leave the night club earlier than the other, or even prepare a decent meal despite her schedule in her corporate job. A woman after a serious relationship will try to adjust to a man’s whims, or even pretend to, as she works to restore her independence within the relationship, should it work.

5. Never responds to calls or texts promptly

A love-struck woman should suffocate you with a million calls and a thousand text messages. If your woman takes forever and a day to reply your morning text and has a stupid excuse for her poor communication skills, cut the short the relationship, she is not into you at all.

6. No sense of the future

If she is not keen on future plans, she is only interested in a short ride. Most women especially after 20 have a sense of the future and what they want, if she does not broach up the subject, too bad. Run.

7. She won’t tell you about her past.

First, let me start by saying that trust issues are very real, and can be a problem for many of us. But you can’t have a serious relationship without trust and communication, so if she’s dodging questions and changing the subject any time the past is discussed, she might not be ready to fully commit.

8. Not proud to introduce you to friends or relatives

A woman who wants a relationship will be quick to introduce you to her friends and relatives, if only for a quick appraisal on you from them. If she’d rather die than introduce you to her female friends or even family, she will be dumping you very soon. Be cautious.

(Source: Pocket News)