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Police Gives Security to Crime Preventer Leaders Amidst Threats

Kampala Metropolitan Police has beefed up crime preventers’ top command security amid threats from “police antagonists”, The Tower Post reports.

In a statement from Kampala Metropolitan Police, through reliable sources and findings it is said that a very marginal percentage of biased citizens have changed the way they talk about crime preventers and the concept of crime prevention in that they bring more attention than ever to anything negative done by any crime preventer while leaving positive stories out of the line-up.

“The seeds of this hate campaign were planted as early as 2013, following the group’s unwavered loyalty towards police administration and commitment to sharing information which has led to mass reduction in crime,” the statement reads in part.

While addressing all area commanders, Kampala Metropolitan Police Commander CP. Frank Mwesigwa ordered for an immediate provision of security to the crime preventer leaders.

This comes after a series of threat notices dropped at homes of most crime preventer leaders threatening of bitter consequences following the unshaken spirit exhibited through standing together with police amidst all waves,challenges and for failing to be infiltrated by negative energies working day and night to weaken police structures.

‘’We shall keep guarding their homes and movements so that they don’t encounter any serious attacks from wrong elements of the public”, Mwesigwa said.

Crime preventers under their umbrella body National Crime Preventers Forum (NCPF) were founded on 9th June 2013 to promote community policing in Uganda in partnership with Uganda Police Force.