Thursday, February 22, 2018
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Mozey Radio’s Mother Speaks Out On Mutooro Man Claiming to be Son’s Father

Departed GoodLyfe crew musician Mozey Radio’s mother Jane Kasuubo has finally spoken out on the Mutooro man claiming to be her son’s father.

An elderly man identified as George Kateebe Asimwe alias Kakodyo came out after Radio’s death and told Bukedde that he was the “Neera” hit maker’s father.

Kakodyo works as a taxi driver along Fort Portal – Kampala highway.

Kakodyo says he is the late Mozey Radio’s father

He claimed to have met and had an affair with Radio’s mother in the year 1986 while working as a hotel manager in Kampala. He explained that they later went separate ways after a misunderstanding.

However, while speaking to Spark TV on Wednesday, Radio’s mother denied knowing Kakodyo and trashed his claims of being her son’s father.

“I don’t know that man or even where he comes from. He has been going around telling journalists that he is my son’s father but I don’t know him,” Kasuubo said.

“After the burial he came around in his taxi with a few bunches of matooke. He could even be among the people that killed my son,” he added.

Mozey Radio (RIP)

Radio’s mother further pointed out some inconsistencies in Kakodyo’s story.

“He says he met me in 1986 which does not make sense considering the year I gave birth to Mozey. God is my witness; I don’t know that man from Fort Portal,” she said.