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Old Budonians to Launch Testimonial Book at this Year’s Budo Fest

The Old Budonians club are set to launch a testimonial book comprising of compelling and inspirational stories told by the ladies that went to both Budo Junior School Kabinja and King’s College Budo.

The book, named ‘She-Budonian’, according to the club’s officials, will be launched on Saturday April 28th during the Budo Fest at Lugogo Cricket Oval.

The exclusive Old Budonians event will kick-start with an Annual General Meeting at 10am and then proceed with the fun-packed BudoFest at 2pm to commemorate the 80 year co-education conception at the Budo schools.

“The girls at Budo succeeded in attaining academic excellence in the same way as their counterparts in mono-sex schools, but have also made an impact on society due to the special challenges which prepared them for a competing world by schooling alongside boys,” Relayed by the Vice President of The Old Budonians’ Club; Ms. Christine Kasule Mulimba, in reference to the mixed-sex origination at the Budo schools.

Budonians at last year’s Budo Fest

The Budo Fest is an annual event prepared annually to reunite Old Budonians in an attempt to celebrate, recognize and reminisce about the reverent Budo culture.

This year, the celebrations will be bigger because of the launch of the She-Budonian book.

A better appreciation and understanding of Budo schools will be revived through the eyes of the ladies that attended the schools.

“Budo laid a firm foundation for what I am today as a wife, mother, investor and public servant. At Budo we had the opportunity and atmosphere to excel in many areas. We learnt to be courteous, polite, sociable and cultured,” the K.C.C.A E.D, Jennifer Musisi highlighted on her rooted experiences studying at King’s College Budo. Many more intriguing stories like this are documented in the book.