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NBS TV’s Simon Muyanga Lutaaya Arrested

Former  FDC candidate for the Bulamongi Constituency MP seat, Simon Muyanga Lutaaya has been arrested for failure to pay a court fine of Shs153 million.

Muyanga who is also a TV presenter and news anchor at NBS Television, filed an election petition contesting the the victory of NRM’s Kenneth Lubogo but lost the cases both at Jinja High Court on August 19, 2016 and the Court of Appeal  on November 22, 2017.

Jinja High Court deputy registrar Jesse Byaruhanga in January this year issued an arrest warrant for Muyanga after he failed to honour court summons, something the registrar described as contempt of court.

Muyanga has been sentenced to 6 months imprisonment at Kirinya prison in Jinja.

This website also understands that court has ordered that his property be sold off to recover the money.