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Energy Minister Muloni Speaks Out on Yaka Tokens Challenge

Energy and Minerals minister Irene Nafuna Muloni has clarified on the issue of Yaka (Prepaid electricity) tokens delaying to be delivered to consumers through sms, an issue which had caused alarm across the country.

“The technical challenge is on the interface between UMEME and Telecommunication companies. UMEME is handling the situation,” Muloni said during a plenary session on Thursday afternoon.

She was responding to Kalungu West Member of Parliament Joseph Ssewungu who had blamed the challenge on power distributors (Umeme).

“There is a problem with the Umeme system when it comes to buying yaka. If my business fails because of lack of power, who do I blame?” wondered Ssewungu.

But Minister Muloni clarified that “the problem may not even be with Umeme but with the telecoms that provide the service. In the meantime, there is a service centre working on the issue case by case.”

The Yaka challenge which escalated on Tuesday May 1st was affecting customers buying power using Mobile Money.

Umeme on Thursday issued a statement saying the issue had been partially solved adding that “our technical teams are working to totally resolve this issue.”