Monday, February 18, 2019
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PEBUU Payment Solution to Reward Customers Buying Yaka Using their App

Have you been in a situation before where you need to buy airtime for your other phone lines yet you only have mobile money on one?  Or you are stuck at home at midnight and Yaka is done?

A lot can happen in places away from that Kiosk that you always rely on to get you out of a fix when you badly need to pay for water, or you are watching your Pay TV and you forgot to renew your subscription?

Pebuu®, a pan-African electronic depositing and bill payment solution provider, on realizing this challenge through information the company gets from its agents as their clients call them late night for bail out has decided to launch the app which offers the same effortless service it offers to its agents

Unlike other apps on the market offering a similar service, Pebuu has chosen to reward its app users based on every transaction they make.

In a campaign dubbed your phone your Kiosk, Pebuu has decided to give you commission on every transaction that you make, either when you buy Yaka, pay for water or buy airtime for any network. This means that even when you choose to share your money on your app with your friends by buying for them airtime of paying their DSTV, water, or any other service, Pebuu will pay you real time in form of commission for all these transactions.

This commission given by Pebuu can easily be withdrawn as mobile money directly to your phone and you use it to buy anything at your choosing.

Dan Kitamirike, the Head of Operations, Pebuu says “This is not really a promotion, we want our app users to have a very simple yet effective experience when using our app. We pride ourselves in our clients / Agents profiting from every transaction that they make. We shall continue paying our app users as per our terms and conditions which we have laid out”

Looking at the simplicity of the app, we have actually noticed that you don’t need any prior knowledge or serious experience to use it. It’s a very essential tool to have on your phone. The link to the app is as below:-

Talking to Edward Okello, a resident of Katwe in the suburbs of Kampala, He intimated to us how easy it is for him to use the Pebuu app as compared to other apps. He says he has recommended to his friends who have all found it very effective to use the app.