Tuesday, December 18, 2018
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Winnie Kizza: Am Not Aware of Any Reshuffle in FDC

Kasese District  Woman MP Winnie Kiiza has denied any knowledge about the recent reshuffle by leading opposition party.

The reshuffle, which was unveiled on Friday, saw MP Kiiza replaced with Gulu Woman MP Betty Aol as Leader of Opposition in Parliament.

Speaking to journalists on Monday, Hon Kiiza noted that the party has not made any formal communication to her or to parliament.

“I inquired from parliament whether a communication had been made but they said there wasn’t any yet. My efforts to reach my Party leader (FDC President Amuriat Oboi) have been unsuccessful,” she said.

Kiiza says she was perturbed that her party chose to make a reshuffle through the media instead of using the official channels.

Hon Kizza says she was perturbed that the FDC leadership handled the reshuffle the way they did, through the media, and not through official channels.

“You cannot address parliament through the media. My office isn’t an extension of the FDC; you cannot address parliament though the media,” she said, adding that she still considers the changes as media speculation.

“But if the changes are true, then I would congratulate my sister Betty Aol”.