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Spice Diana in Bitter Exchange with Spark TV’s Live Wire Presenters

Ugandan singer Spice Diana and a Spark TV Live Wire presenter

Singer Hajara Diana Namukwaya aka Spice Diana has fired at Gabbie Ntaate and Precious Remmie, new hosts of Spark TV’s gossip show, Live Wire.

Ntaate and Remmie replaced Zahara Totto and Annatalia Ozie, the founding hosts, who crossed to NBS TV.

Spark TV Unveils New ‘Live Wire’ Show Hosts

It all started when Ntaate and Remmie told Live Wire’s viewers that Spice Diana had exported her urban excitement to Dubai where she went for, among other things, her birthday.

In Dubai, Spice Diana had gone with her manager, friends and a sister.

When Spice Diana watched the Live Wire presenters ‘tear her into pieces’ on live TV, she got infuriated.

And on Thursday, the singer went live on Facebook to vent her anger on the two gossip queens.

“Enough is enough. Spark TV, reach our fans with the right keywords. Don’t concern yourself with things that don’t concern you,” wrote Spice Diana before she went live.


Spice Diana then went personal: “You have not yet even spent a month in the industry but you are busy insulting people. Know your limit.”


Fans Respond to Spice Diana’s Attacks on New Live Wire Presenters


A number of fans’ comments on the video rant seemed to be aimed at Spice Diana’s making a fuss over what they thought was a thing all celebrities should expect.

Here are some of the comments

“But my piece of advice, Behave like #Juliana. Don’t attack or respond to people in the media. Just leave them to say whatever they want.” Sharif Shaukii

“When you choose in life to become a celebrity, expect to be talked about. I think it is common sense that a celebrity ought to be talked about. Celebrity gossip is allover the world and even TMZ and E! Pick content from celebrities’ social media accounts. Those who know these things keep silent when they are talked about naye abamu.” Alex Alinda.

“You also being unprofessional here for responding to them. Please just listen to negativity and move on because you agreed to be in show business, Namukwaya.” Zzin Da

“Spice, don’t break, you’re a star, there will always be haters. But you just put your eyes on the ball, “eyes on me” says the ball my girl!” Kale Richiev