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Arch Rwego Murder: Security Guard Accused of Conniving with Killers

Arch Rwego (RIP)

Uganda Police has confirmed the arrest of four suspects in connection with the murder of businessman Arch Rwego of Wakiso district’s Kira Municipality.

Police say the fourth suspect was arrested in Kamwokya, Kampala on Thursday.

The arrest followed a confession from a suspect earlier detained, according to Kira Road Police, the arresting unit.

The names of the suspect remains undisclosed until the end of investigations.

Available accounts indicate that only three suspects participated in the hacking of Rwego and robbing of his home.

The fourth suspect is said to have planned with the three.

Rwego’s security guard, who was on leave on the night of the attack, is being dragged into the murder probe.

The guard is being accused of reportedly revealing the financial secrets of the Rwegos.

In particular, sources say, the guard reportedly told the suspected killers that Rwego’s wife, Dorah Asio, often brought home money.

Asio is an accountant.

The investigators are also pointing to a likelihood that the security guard could have tipped the thieves on how they could access the well-guarded home.

The robbers had Asio’s handbag as a target after they got information that she came home with money.

Investigators are yet to find out where the stolen money is being kept, even when the four suspects are considered key in this murder trail.

The first suspect was a man picked from a medical facility suspected to have gone there to treat dog bite wounds.

Some of Rwego’s security dogs had reportedly been poisoned before the attack, but one of them had fought the thieves.

Police will now need to wait for the results of the samples of blood from the clothes of this suspect that are being analysed by the Government Analytical Laboratory in Kampala.

If this sample is found to be related with that from the scene of crime, the suspect will face the courts of law with the lab results expected to be key evidence for the prosecution.