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Museveni Donates Shs 500 Million for All Saints Nakasero Cathedral Construction

President Yoweri Museveni has donated Shs 500m for the completion of works on the completion of construction works on All Saints Cathedral, Nakasero in Kampala.

On Sunday, Museveni inspected works for the construction of the new cathedral complex.

The cathedral is the seat the Anglican Diocese of Kampala headed by Archbishop Stanley Ntagali as Bishop.

In existence for some 106 years, All Saints Nakasero has a membership of over 6,000 faithfuls.

Once complete, the new cathedral complex will put an end to the extension attempts – the cathedral has been extended thrice.

The new cathedral will include a prayer tower, five chapels, and five vestries.

Of the Shs 500m, Museveni paid Shs 50m in cash.

“I am going to contribute Shs 500m; the Shs50m I brought cash and I am going to mobilise the remaining Shs 450m which I will bring soon,” said Museveni.

“This Kafunda [referring to the size of the current church] here is too small and I thank you for putting up that big church.”

The president also preached the gospel of wealth creation.

“I urge every Christian to go for commercial farming and those of who have the means can put up small factories where they can make contributions for fighting poverty,” said Museveni.

On his part, Ntagali gave an update of the works.

“This cathedral has continued to grow over the years. We agreed that this project should be done in phases,” said Ntagali.

“We completed the first phase about six years ago and the current phase we started the work last year and over the last 18 months, the work has really progressed well. These Christians raised Shs 5bn for the construction.”