Thursday, February 21, 2019
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FULL LIST: 21 Performers Lined up for Buzz Leavers Rock

A total of 20 performers including dancers, deejays, comics and musicians have been lined up for the Buzz Leavers Rock 2018, The Tower Post has learnt.

The Mountain Dew Sponsored event is an annual teens End of year fiesta and this weekend youth from different parts of the country will converge to indulge in celebrations as they mark the end of yet another academic year.

The event is scheduled to take place at Garden City rooftop on Saturday December 8th.

This website can also confirm that the party will be on 3 floors of Garden City, starting from 10Am up to 6PM.

Full List of Performers

  1. Vinka
  2. John Blaq
  3. VIP Jemo
  4. Recho Ray
  5. Grenade
  6. Hellen Lukoma
  7. Jazz Mavoko
  8. Hit Nature
  9. Cosign
  10. Shena Skies
  11. Vyper Rankings
  12. Nina Roz
  13. Kent & Flosso (Voltage Music)
  14. Fyno
  15. Vampino
  16. Exodus
  17. Levixone
  18. DVj mercy
  19. DJ Ali Breezy
  20. DJ LL
  21. DJ Fickie

Revelers to the event will part with only 5,000/= that comes with a bottle of Mountain Dew.