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Kayihura boy throws bash, Due to Wed

Blaise Kamugisha, the National Coordinator of the Crime Prevention Movement and the Executive Director of the National Crime Preventers Forum, was at the weekend in Rukungiri for a giveaway of his intended. For those who only think that crime prevention is only a group for only misguided making noise during elections,

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Crime Preventers a Value Addition to Police, Kayihura

Inspector General of Police Gen. Kale Kayihura lashed at critics of crime prevention initiative saying they are anti development. Kayihura while speaking at the Erinayo Oryema memorial lecture organized by the Uganda police at Makerere University on Saturday October 1 said that whereas there are some flaws with the initiative, the

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Can a Female Guild President Sort out the Current Guild Mess at Makerere?

By: Oyeki Gerald Marred by high level of corruption, extravagance, resignations and physical confrontations in house sessions, the Makerere University students’ guild has suffered a tremendous setback in the 2016/2017 academic year. A tainted pubic image, withdrawn corporate funding, late night signatures for pocket change and gross mistrust in the office

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