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Bad Touches: Makerere, Activists Want Dembe FM Presenters Punished for Sexually Harassing ‘Singer’ Sasha Brighton on Air

Pressure is mounting on Nation Media Group (NMG) to punish three male presenters for what is being described by women activists as sexual harassment against singer Sasha Brighton. NMG country director Tony Glencross has had a hard time engaging with women activists on the matter ever since Rosebell Kagumire shared a

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VIDEO: Kenzo Threatens to Beat-Up Dembe FM Presenters Over Danz Kumapeesa Death

Renowned Ugandan musician Ediriisa Musuuza alias Eddy Kenzo has threatened to attack and beat-up presenters at local, Nation Media Group owned radio station, Ddembe FM. A bitter Kenzo who is currently in Italy was speaking in a live video over his Facebook page at the weekend where he uttered threats and

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