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Police Officer Arrested for Sharing Information with MPs

Maurice Abongo, the in charge of Kibinge police station is in custody for sharing information with MPs on Defense and Internal Affairs Committee

The in-charge of Kibinge sub county police station in Bukomansimbi district has been arrested for sharing information to Members of Parliament about the security situation in the area.

Maurice Abongo was on Wednesday morning summoned by his supervisors at the greater Masaka regional police headquarters over his mode of operation.

Muhammad Nsubuga, the greater Masaka Regional Police Spokesperson says that Abongo was summoned on administrative issues.

“Yes he was called by the bosses that deployed him, and everything is being done administratively,” he noted.

Abongo’s arrest comes a day after the Minister for Security Major General Jim Muhwezi, clashed with Members of Parliament on the Committee of Defence and Internal Affairs.

The committee was in Bukomansimbi on a fact-finding visit about the security situation in the area, following the recent spate of killings that have hit the greater Masaka sub-region.

Abongo shared with the committee information about the insecurity in the area and the inadequacies that have affected the way police respond to such emergencies.

He revealed to the committee that the police in rural areas are ill facilitated and equipped to effectively execute their responsibilities, which sometimes give thugs an opportunity to cause havoc in the community.

However, Abongo’s explanation was cut short by Muhwezi who said that revealing the information compromised the security operations and the ongoing investigations into the murders.

The Committee chaired by the Sheema District Woman MP Rosemary Nyakikongoro, conducted a public hearing in Bukomansimbi on Tuesday, amidst the growing public fear arising from the anonymous leaflets that were thrown in the area warning of imminent attacks on residents.



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