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YouTube Moves to Minimise Recommendation of Misleading Videos

YouTube said it has updated its recommendations system with the aim of increasing the diversity of topics recommended and of reducing recommendations of “borderline” videos. These come close but don‘t quite cross YouTube’s Community Guidelines. But, as the company added, they often contain misleading information, about miracle medical cures, claims the earth

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VIDEO: How to Make a Cheese Cake Using Locally Available Ingredients

By: Rogers Balamaga It’s not everyday that one wants to prepare their own cake, save for a few special days where you want to surprise your lover or family. A cheese cake is one of the delicious yet easy to prepare cakes because most of the ingredients are readily available. How to Prepare Ingredients Crust

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Andrew Mwenda: Why the New URA Building is a Bad Investment

By Andrew M. Mwenda Last week President Yoweri Museveni officially opened the new Uganda Revenue Authority (URA) head office building in Nakawa. As a work of art, the building is majestic. As a source of national pride, it is inspiring. At 22 floors high, it is the tallest building in Kampala.

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