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Security Agencies Warn Against Staging Protests During Covid-19 Times

Security agencies have warned disgruntled citizens against staging unlawful Anti- Covid-19 Lockdown demonstrations that interrupt the movement of security forces and operation of government activities. The security officers made these remarks while addressing Journalists at the Uganda Media Center on Monday, June 29. “If you are going to stage a roadblock, kindly

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Francis Zaake Butebi talks to reporters. Courtesy Photo

Mityana Municipality MP Francis Zaake Refutes Inflicting Injuries on Himself

Mityana Municipality Member of Parliament (MP) Francis Zaake has rubbished claims by the police that he inflicted injuries on himself while in detention to get public sympathy. The police spokesperson revealed last week that Zaake had injured himself while resisting arrest. “Zaake claims that he was brutally detained in the police

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