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Museveni Offers Shs10m to Slain NGO Worker’s Family

President Museveni has expressed his dismay in murder the of Maria Nagirinya and her driver, Ronald Kitayimbwa and promise to send the families Shs10m as condolence. The president has vowed to apprehend the killers, Francis Lubowa said during the funeral service that took place at St. Peter's Catholic Church Nsmbya. Nagirinya and

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Kidnapped Social Worker Found Dead in Mukono

Police have on Friday afternoon recovered two bodies of missing people, Maria Nagirinya, a social worker and Ronald Kitayimbwa, a boda-boda cyclist at Nakitutuli Village, Nama sub-county in Mukono District. Nagirinya, 28, a project manager at Community Integrated Development Initiative (CIDI), a Kampala-based non-governmental organisation, went missing on Wednesday evening after

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