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Glaucoma Took My Sight, NSSF Came to My Rescue

Patrick Opwonya left his mother’s womb with a well-functioning eyesight like any other normal baby, unfortunately, this was short-lived .Patrick who was a security guard working with the American refugee committee in Gulu started to loose his normal sight slowly at a young age .Opwonya decided to go  for  an

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PHOTOS: John Blaq, DJ Shiru Put Up Thrilling Performances at NSSF KAVC International Tournament

Fast-rising Ugandan singer John Blaq and legendary deejay DJ Shiru put up stunning performances at the opening ceremony of the NSSF KAVC international tournament on Friday,  2nd August2019 at the Lugogo Hockey Grounds in Kampala. The “Obubaddi” star performed all his hit songs such as “Tukwatagane”, “Makanika” and “Do Dat” among

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