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Immunisation Case: Prophet Mbonye Discharged from Police Bond

The CIID-Media Crime Investigations Department has today (8th/01/2020) discharged Prophet Elvis Allan Mbonye’s bond thereby reinstating his Constitutional freedom to liberty. Prophet Elvis Allan Mbonye has since October 2019, been frequently reporting to the CIID-Media Crimes Investigations Department in response to Police summons issued on 17th October 2019. The Prophet was invited

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Christian Sends Godly Advice to Prophet Elvis Mbonye in Respectful, Non-judgmental Letter

Dear Prophet Elvis Mbonye, I greet you and hope you are doing well. Following the events of the past week, I tried to restrain from sharing my sentiments but realized that’s not what Jesus commended as believers who are in conflict and I hope as a brother in Christ you can

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