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Arrested Socialite Bageine Released on Police Bond

Police have Friday afternoon released on bond Uganda Christian University student Sheena Bageine who was arrested yesterday evening. Bageine who spent a night in police cells was charged with cyber harassment and cyberstalking arising from a series of tweets she made calling out men who she said were rapists. In her tweets,

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Twitter Rape Allegations: Socialite Sheena Bageine Arrested

Police in Kampala has arrested socialite Sheena Bageine (@sheena_sheenzy) on charges of cyber bullying, cyber harassment and defamation. Bageine was reportedly picked up on Thursday evening and taken to the Kampala Central Police Station where she is currently being held. The socialite’s woes originate from a Twitter thread she made at the

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Twitter Rape Allegations: Socialite Sheena Bageine Dragged to Court for Defamation

Ugandan Twitter user Sheena Bageine (Username @Sheena_sheenzy) has been asked to pay UGX 2,000,000,000 in damages caused to another Twitter user identified as Carlton Douglas Kasirye (@cdk_maestro) for damages caused when she accused the latter of rape. In a series of tweets made between 2nd and 3rd January 2020, Ms. Bageine

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