Thursday, December 13, 2018
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S. Sudan Rebels Speak Out on Claims that Machar’s Wife is Critically Sick

South Sudan armed opposition has denied claims that Angelina Teny, wife to former First Vice President Dr. Riek Machar had skipped attending the general assembly of the United Nations because of health condition.

Isaac K. Gang, SPLM (IO) Representative to the United States of America told Sudanese news agency, Sudan Tribune that Teny had a minor pinched nerve on her right leg which has been treated and cured.

Gang said the pinch could have stemmed from Teny’s long 40-day trek from Juba to the Democratic Republic of the Congo in 2016 following assassination attempts on her life and that of Machar by Kiir’s government.

“This pinched nerve was treated and cured by Doctors in the US about a month ago and Hon. Teny is walking, running and going about her normal responsibility routinely,” he reportedly said.

“She can run a marathon right now if she so chooses. One thing you may not know about her is that she is a nutritionist and the idea of diabetes is not only a desperate propaganda manufactured by the South Sudanese Embassy in Washington, DC, but it is laughable,” Kang added.

Angelina with two gentlemen who are alleged to have been supporting her.

He argued that the development of the rapidly evolving power of technology means that anyone only with common sense can create a photo of their liking by using photoshop and parade it as whatever they choose.

“I am with her as I write this and she is doing fantastic,” he added.

Kang was reacting to news and pictures making rounds on social media which portray Angelina Teny looking unwell and moving with the help of walking stick at a hotel and being assisted by two aides in New York, United States.

The social media reports quoting different sources, some of whom identified themselves as opposition sources, claimed Angelina suffers from a knee injury but exacerbated by diabetes.