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Andrew Mwenda: Lessons for FDC from Rukungiri

By Andrew Mwenda So last evening the Electoral Commission announced the results in the bye election for the woman MP for Rukungiri. FDC’s Betty Muzanira won with 50,000 votes against NRM’s Winnie Matsiko with 46,000 - a difference of only 4,000 votes in a district that is the home of opposition

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Andrew Mwenda: Why Museveni May Rule for Life

By Andrew M. Mwenda I hold a fundamental disagreement with many Ugandan elites when it comes to the discussion of succession. In debating whether President Yoweri Museveni should go or stay we are not indulging in an abstract theoretical exercise but a challenge of practical politics. There are two positions we

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Andrew Mwenda: Inconvenient Facts about Educated Ugandans

Kikuubo is the epicenter of Uganda’s business activity, especially local business. You go there as 11am on Monday or 11pm on Sunday and the place will be busy like a beehive - people selling in shops, others loading lorries with goods to take to South Sudan, Congo, Rwanda and other

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