Pride Microfinance Partners With SOS Uganda to Support Children

Pride Microfinance Uganda on Thursday (April 27th) visited and made donations worth over Ugx 35,000,000 to SOS Children’s Villages Uganda. The support given to the childcare organization is in line with Pride Microfinance’s CSR mandate

The donations included Ugx 30,000,000 that will go towards educating 2 SOS children for 4 years from Senior One to Senior Four. The other sanitary donations were made in kind. Pride Microfinance staff members pooled these items together to enable SOS Uganda achieve the purpose for which they were established – to provide a loving, comfortable home and basic needs for every child.

Pride Microfinance also announced that their Human Resource Department would be offering 10 slots for research students and 5 slots for internship students this year – and SOS children will be the beneficiaries of these.

Staff of Pride Microfinance mingle with SOS children at their visit on Thursday.

On why Pride Microfinance had chosen to make this donation to SOS Children’s Villages Uganda, Mr. Michael Tibagendeka, Pride’s Head of Marketing who led the team and represented the Managing Director said the donation had been made in line with the financial institution’s CSR agenda to reach out to communities in need.

“With SOS Uganda and its structures on the ground, we are confident that whatever we want to reach the people at the bottom of the pyramid will reach them. These are our customers, and in the long run, these communities will support us eventually. Our determination and commitment remain to enhance sustainability into the future,” he remarked.

He also noted that Pride Microfinance would walk hand in hand with SOS Uganda and support their vision in the years to come.

Pride Microfinance’s Human Capital and Employee Relationship Manager, Pamela Namono added that Pride Microfinance had chosen SOS Uganda because the childcare organization is accountable, and owing to the fact that SOS Uganda has been in operation for over 25 years, their structures are in place.

Receiving the donations, SOS Uganda National Director, Olive Birungi Lumonya who also played chief host, commended the support received from Pride Microfinance.

She expressed her gratitude for the donations made saying, “Since SOS Uganda launched its fundraising drive in September 2016, Pride Microfinance is the first corporate company to come on board and support our vision. Our fundraising drive that has been in progress for seven months now, is aimed at raising Ugx 6b over the next 3 years to enable SOS Uganda increase the number of children in their care from 8,000 to 11,000. We are grateful to Pride Microfinance for coming on board.”

SOS Uganda National Director, Olive Lumonya and an SOS Mother receive donations from Pride Microfinance Uganda

SOS Children’s Villages Uganda has over the last two decades remained committed to changing the lives of orphaned and abandoned children in Uganda; having supported over 60,000 lives.

Audrey Ninsiima