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Mak Don Speaks Tough on Semi-nude Outfit of Bachelor of Education Students


Dr. Sarah Ssali, a Senior Lecturer of Gender Studies, in the College of Humanities and Social Sciences at Makerere University has said that students at Makerere should exude an identity that befits a Makerere University stature.

She made comments which responding to the leaked semi-nude photographs of two bachelor of education students who appeared inappropriately dressed at their finalists’ dinner at the weekend at Fairway Hotel.

Identified as Rabecca Naddamba, a third year student of education an old girl of Rine Secondary School in Wakiso thrilled her colleagues after she appeared immersively erotic at the dinner leaving them enthusiastically blushing.

Particularly interested in studying hidden behaviors and non hetero-normative sexual behaviors, aspects of minorities in society, Dr. Sarah Ssali said that universities are not only academic but also cultural institutions.

“In many of the universities we went to after Makerere, you are charged to defend the culture of that institution as a responsible alumnus. That is why some, in the name of defending their culture even restrict entry no matter how clever an applicant is. So Makerere does not end within the walls of Makerere,” Dr. Ssali said.

Adding that; “We uphold Makerere-ness wherever we go. Why? Because Makerere is not only academic but also cultural. No matter how equally qualified you are, differences will always emerge given the cultural training of the institution you went through.”

She said that contemporary employers ask not what qualifications of a person but also where they attained their qualification from. She wondered what identity students wanted to exude from such dress codes.

“You will always be asked where you studied or attained your degree etc. This question is more cultural, about identity than simply qualifications. What identity do you want Makerere to exude?” she asked.

Makerere police boss Jackson Mucunguzi has since then threatened to arrest the queens that turned up dressed inappropriately at the dinner.



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