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Suspected Al Shabaab Terrorists Arrested on Way to Uganda


Uganda Police and other security forces might have foiled a potential terrorist attack after they arrested two suspected extremists on Uganda-Kenya border.

Asan Kasingye, the Uganda Police spokesperson, on Monday told reporters in the capital Kampala that two suspected had been arrested at the Busia border point.

The suspects have been identified as Faraus Muhammad and Musa Awais and had been arrested on May 26.

This date is important because it is just a week to the Uganda Martyrs Day celebration on June 03.

A celebration of the bravery of young Christians who defied Buganda monarch Kabaka Mwanga and embraced Christianity, Martyrs day attracts millions of pilgrims from the region. This year’s celebration was attended by over three million believers.
“We became suspicious after these suspects had indicated on their passports that they were travelling to Kenya from Somalia but on reaching Nairobi, they jumped onto buses to Uganda,” Kasingye revealed, adding that the arrested were in possession of multiple passports.

Kasingye has called for vigilance in public places, especially in the wake of weekend terror stabbing in London, and a shooting in Manchester nine days earlier.



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