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Makerere ‘Graduates’ Petition University Over Delayed Transcripts, Threaten to Strike

Four months since they were awarded degrees and diplomas at a colourful four-day ceremony, 14,897 ‘graduates’ are yet to receive their academic transcripts and certificates.

Some 100 of these ‘graduates’ have now petitioned the university over the issue, demanding that their transcripts be immediately issued.

They have threatened “action” that could “ruin the institution’s reputation” in case their transcripts are not issued immediately to help them search for jobs.


Before, during and after the graduation ceremony in February, allegations were made of alteration of marks and smuggling of unqualifying students onto the graduation list.

It later emerged that the university online system had been hacked into, altering grades. Some 53 names would later be deleted from the list just hours to the start of the graduation week.

Later, some four administrative assistants in the office of academic registrar – head of ICT Mike Barongo, Dennis Mbabazi, Joyce Namusoke, and Christopher Ntwatwa were arrested.

Two months ago in April, the university academic registrar Alfred Masikye Namoah returned all graduands’ marks to colleges for verification, a process that has dragged on.

The Tower Post has learnt that only the College Of Health Sciences and College of Agriculture and Environmental Sciences have verified the marks. Seven others, and the School of Law are yet to complete manual verification of marks.