PHOTOS: Pomp as Stanbic Bank Hosts Muslim Customers to Ramadan Dinner

Stanbic Bank Uganda hosted its Muslim customers who are observing the holy month to a dinner to break their Ramadan fast at Hotel Africana. The annual observance is considered to one of the five pillars of Islam.

Speaking at the dinner Mr. Moses Mbubi Stanbic Banks Head of Human Capital said, “Ramadan is a period of great sacrifice, discipline and reflection for all Muslims, we at Stanbic Bank Uganda and our counterparts across the globe therefore feel honoured and privileged to be able to interact and share a meal with you during this holy month.”

“As we come together and break the fast, we would like to re-assure you of our unwavering support for your businesses helping them to succeed while creating value for your families, employees and the community’s where you operate.” He added.

Talking about key developments in the financial sector which will make financial services increasingly relevant to Ugandan Muslims and bring banking services closer to the people. Moses singled out passage of the 2015 FIA Amendment Bill which among other things makes provisions for Islamic and Agency banking.

“These developments will allow us to create new products, extend our reach while reducing the cost of doing business. We intend to pass on these benefits to you our customers in form of improved services and lower bank charges.”

The Stanbic Ramadan dinner was attended by the Chief Executive of Stanbic Bank Mr. Patrick Mweheire, members of his Executive Committee and high-profile Muslim leaders including Mufti Sheik, Muhammed Kibaate who led the pre prayers.

Marion Ayebazibwe