REVEALED: Identities of Journalists Who Blackmailed, Leaked Angela Kalule Nude Video

Female musician Angela Kalule has revealed the people that are in connection to the leaking of her private video to the public.

Kalule’s nude video leaked on Social Media on Friday evening hours after she had announced that she had lost her phone, which contained private photos and videos among other files.

The “Katikitiki” hit maker revealed that a group people contacted her before the video leaked asking for money in order not to release it, something she says was blackmail.

According to the singer, media personalites including Josephat Seguya and a one Semei from Bukedde and Suubi FM’s Grace Namiyimbo, a one Carol and Sula Simplex called her asking for money, promising to keep the video away from the public.

“I was powerless and neither did I have the resources to respond positively to your demands,” Kalule wrote in her Facebook post.

“The search for contentment through blackmail and invasion of privacy will not belittle me nor make me lose my self-esteem,” she added.

In the same post, the singer apologised to her fans for the leaked video and thanked those that have stood by her and sent her messages of encouragement.

Audrey Ninsiima