Singer Angela Kalule Speaks Out on Circulating Nude Video

Local musician Angella Kalule has broken silence on her nude video that has taen social media and the internet world by storm.

Kalule’s nude video leaked on Thursday evening hours after she announced that she had lost her phone.

In a lengthy social media post, the “Katikitiki” singer apologized to her fans for what happened and noted that she did not intend to leak the video to the public, explaining that it was meant to be private.

“I take this opportunity to apologise to everyone offended by the recent circulation of private media from my phone. None of it was intended for public view and the invasion of privacy therein is offensive,” Angella Kalule wrote on Facebook.

“I however thank everyone that has encouraged me to stay strong. The inbox messages and calls from even my fellow singers are very much appreciated,” she added.

The singer also noted that the leaked video will not put her down as she will stay strong and go around with her usual duties.

“I still hold my head high and will go about my responsibilities as a dutiful fiance, singer and Mother.

My Mwami, thanks for standing by me kubanga twetegeera. I love you to bits,”

Kalule joins the long list of Ugandan celebrities including singers, Cindy Sanyu, Desire Luzinda, TV presenter Sanyu Robinah Mweruka and traditional healer Maama Fiina among others whose nude photos and videos have leaked to the public.

Audrey Ninsiima