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Minister Lokodo Orders Police to Investigate Angela Kalule Over Nude Video


Days after singer Angela Kalule’s nude video leaked, ethics and integrity minister Fr Simon Lokodo has directed CIID to investigate the singer.

In a video leaked to the media on Friday, Angela Kalule professes her love for her partner, parades her nipple and bum on camera in a private video.

Hours after the leak, Kalule apologised to her fans and lover, and claimed the private video had been leaked in her phone which was stolen.

She also accused some ‘reporters’ for reportedly asking for money not to leak the video. According to Kalule, the ‘reporters’ leaked the video after she refused to pay a ‘ransom’.

Now Fr Lokodo suspects that Kalule, who last hit was Katikitiki released years ago, might have leaked the nude video to plan a musical comeback.

The minister suggested that it had turned into “a norm amongst forgotten artists” to use nude videos to plan “return to stardom”.

At the fall of 2014, singer Desire Luzinda whose career had gone downhill came back to the scene after her nude video leaked.

Her “Ekitone” single would later become popular thanks to the nude video.

Although Desire Luzinda survived Lokodo’s threats, the minister has sworn to take “serious action” starting with Kalule.

He has now directed CIID to start investigations into the matter with the intention of weighing Kalule’s claims – to either pin her or those that leaked the nude video and prosecute them under the Anti-Pornography Law.


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