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Robin Kisti Releases Daring T-shirt Design for Africans in America


Award-winning American based Ugandan Robin Kisti has released a daring t-shirt design for Africans living in the USA.

Red, White, Blue and Black: The Independence Day T-Shirt speaks for a new generation of African dignity in America.

The powerful image of a black woman embedded in the red and blue swirl of an American flag demands a second look into the role black people have in America. This design calls for an affirmation of the traditional American value of liberty and justice for all.

“We are claiming something new,” says Robin Kisti, whose face is featured as the woman in the design, “an opportunity to create a new identity.”

Robin, an immigrant celebrity, represents the Ugandan community who live in the diaspora. “We are taking a stand and demanding to be heard.”

The former NTV Uganda ‘Login’ show host uses the hash tag #TheyWillKnowAboutUs, as she calls “for Ugandan artists to be known,” demanding to find a spotlight.

But this is not an image for immigrants only; July 4th will mark another holiday, celebrating the choice of the American colonies to claim their independence from their motherland, to start a new community under their own ruling. Now, as a new generation of Africans choose to cross the ocean to live in the United States, this design offers a blended outlook on race and the establishment of identity.

“I’m influencing this new generation’s confidence and self worth,” says Robin, “because back in the day as I was living as an immigrant I felt like I had no voice to even speak up. I’m trying to influence the young black generation to take hold of opportunities they once thought were impossible to achieve. Right now I’m calling upon the youth to come behind me to find an outlet to be able to express. You can express so many things through arts. It’s not just about entertaining; it’s using the art form as a positive means to express and to bring about change. My campaign for New Generation is give back, get back. When you give with your whole heart, you get back in a form of blessing.”

A chance to have a noble generation is the aim of Robin’s non-profit charity, the New Generation Youth Group of Uganda. Through the organization, Robin is spearheading a drive for children’s toys and items to be gathered in the USA and donated to the Ugandan mothers and children. NGYG also partners with a local Ugandan school to volunteer her time as a dance performance instructor.

Here are photo’s of Robin Kisti’s T-shirt:

A statue of a fearless girl rocks Robin Kisti’s T-shirt
The Independence Day T-Shirt speaks for a new generation of African dignity in America.



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