OPINION: Land Probe Commission is a Dracula in Charge of a Blood Bank

By Morgan Muhindo

The appointing powers in this country will never see things done. It is good to give the president powers in order to have an active and respected president, though our worry should be when the powers are extremely above the brim, they will be used as a sword to cut throats of dissidents, as shields to insulate themselves from any wrong and this is nothing but arbitrary use of powers in short.

My teacher always told me this story of a Dracula that lives on blood and it is pushed in a blood bank as a steward. You and i must confess to have seen these government top officials involved either directly or indirectly in land grabbing and this act is always talked about but never investigated.

This should leave you wondering where the government has got the urge today, to unearth this dirt that has been comfortably kept unattended to. Has anyone wondered how the president has given out public land to foreign investors?  And who knows the negotiations that take place before the same is given? What of the question of how the commission of inquiry was constituted? Your guess is as good as mine.

I hold an opinion that this commission of inquiry is set to either punish particular persons who have been part of the team that has been grabbing both government and private land after falling out with them they have to be ‘characteristically assassinated’ or to exonerate the others by the results of this commission.

The results from this inquiry will publicly relive the big fish in the lake from any prosecution, no wonder they have been bought new cars so that they do the work ‘very well’.

It is from this backdrop that I opine that Ugandans who have suffered and who are still suffering from this ‘thieving’ should not be anxious and over expect from the commission of inquiry, it is just a tool to serve a selfish purpose, People in Bundibugyo lost land due to the government’s failure to control the clashes and naming them a tribal clashes yet they were not and many people have been deprived of their property, land to be particular, they have complained to government facilities but no redress has been given to these homeless orphans and widows, and you convince us that the probe is to handle land grabbing?

The writer is a university student

Passionate about human rights.

From Bundibugyo District

Email: morganapollo22@gmail.com