Police Apologizes to Tortured Bobi Wine Supporter, Admits Officers Used Excessive Force

Uganda Police has admitted that the force’s officers used excessive force in handling skirmishes in last month’s Kyadondo East by-election.

Police spokesperson AIGP Asan Kasingye on Monday apologized for the force’s act of manhandling Patrick Sande, a supporter of now-MP Robert Kyagulanyi Sentamu, alias Bobi Wine.

“They exerted a lot of force while arresting him [Sande] which was wrong,” Kasingye told reporters in Kampala on Monday.

“We also saw a police officer stamping on his private parts… Even if one has committed an offence, officers should restrain from use of such excessive force.”

He also directed “the DPC and Professional Standards Unit to investigate and charge the officers”.


–              Father of three

–              Officers stepped on his private parts during an arrest

–              Medics say he might never sire children

Marion Ayebazibwe