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Two Arrested for Burning Museveni T-shirts in Protest of Age Limit Removal Plot


Police in Uganda’s capital Kampala has arrested two protestors who were burning t-shirts bearing the photograph of Yoweri Museveni, Uganda’s three-decade president.

The youths were protesting an alleged plot to remove article 102b of the constitution that provides for the presidential age limit.

The age limit bars anyone below 35 and those over 75 to contest for president.

Born in 1944, Museveni will not be eligible for reelection in 2021 when Uganda next goes to the polls.

But an alleged plot by some of his party members to scrap the age limit has sparked hot debate and a few protests – by youths in Kampala and once in Mbarara in western Uganda.

Museveni’s ruling National Resistance Movement (NRM) party commands the majority number of MPs in Parliament.

There are fears that the NRM could use their numbers to scrap the age limit as was the case in 2005 when the term limit clause was removed from the constitution.

Today’s protest involved four Jobless Brotherhood youths who donned yellow T-shirts (yellow is NRM party colour) with the portrait of President Museveni and marched along Luwum Street in downtown Kampala.

“Museveni must go. His time is over and no one should tamper with the Constitution,” they shouted.

Two of them have been arrested for “going around burning the president’s T-shirts” according to Wilson Road police post OC Ituuza Nduhuura.

“What did he do to them? We cannot allow this to happen,” asked Nduhuura.



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