Fr Lokodo Speaks out on Desire Luzinda’s Latest Nude Photos

Singer Desire Luzinda will again cool her heels behind the bars for indecently exposing her body, ethics and integrity minister Fr Simon Lokodo has vowed.

The “Kitone” singer’s kinky nudes were released Monday afternoon, about three years since Desire’s ex-Nigerian lover Franklin Emuobor leaked her nudes in late 2014.

She would later be arrested over the same months later in February 2015 and was detained at Uganda Police Special Investigations Division in Kireka over her involvement in Emuobor’s passport fraud.

But Emuobor was never netted.

According to Lokodo, Desire’s nude releases are just “too much” and she will be arrested for “indecently exposing” her private parts.

It remains to be seen if Desire will be arrested.

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