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MP Simeo Nsubuga Not Fit to Appear Before Kabaka – Nambooze


I’m so surprised that Kassanda County MP Simeo Nsubuga went to participate in a cultural function when he is ignorant of our culture as the Baganda.

On commencing a public function the Kabaka appoints a Kattikiro without Ddamula to head the ceremony. For [Monday’s coronation anniversary in Mubende] Owekitiibwa Kiyimba was appointed to head this function and the same was announced.

Additionally, it is incumbent upon any Muganda to stop a man/woman of no substance or any person he has reason to believe that he will harm or bring disrepute to the king to appear before the Kabaka and in so doing that person commits no offence.

If a person is stopped or barred unfairly to appear before the Kabaka, that person appeals to the Kattikiro directly or to the Kabaka through his clan leader.

I was at a close distance to where Nsubuga was and I saw with my own eyes William Ntege barring him from accessing the Kabaka. He wasn’t beaten as he alleges but stopped within the realms of our culture.

For Simeo to run to police and Parliament to report Ntege is to exhibit his ignorance about our culture and to vindicate Ntege that indeed he wasn’t fit to appear before the King.

We are to line up a dozen lawyers to defend Ntege.

The Writer is Mukono Municipality MP



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