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CHRIS OBORE: MPs Must Question KCCA on Death of Vendor Basemera



We should not let the life of the late Olivia Basemera (street vendor) just go like that. KCCA must be forced to represent interests of wider society not narrow capitalist needs.

When parliament resumes this matter must be discussed- I hope any MP is reading this and I will also make reminders internally. KCCA violated the economic rights of the late Basemera and continues to do so to many other vendors.

This talk of Usafi market is ignorant. If a vendor has capital of Sh 100 k worth her vending bananas to make a profit of Shs5k a day, does she need to pay rent in Usafi? Do you stop someone with little capital from venturing into a life sustaining activity?

Secondly , any other trader feeling inconvenienced by street vendors is free to get into the so many shopping malls mushrooming in the city and its suburbs than advocate for the harassment of street vendors like Basemera. Street vendors have never entered into shopping malls with their merchandise meaning they know where to go and where not to go.

Let right thinking citizens defend the economic rights of the poor and stop state agencies from serving only interests of the rich.

Rest In Peace Basemera. Some of us are guilty of letting you down by condoning so many abnormalities.

Chris Obore is the director of communications and public affairs at Parliament of Uganda



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