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Body of Slain Journalist Handed over to US Embassy in Juba


The US Embassy in Juba has received the body of its citizen who was killed in heavy fighting in the town of Kaya in Yei River State over the weekend.

Christopher Allen, who was working as a freelance journalist, was killed when he was caught in the fighting between rebels and government troops on Saturday.

The body was received officially at Juba Military Hospital by Denise Knapp, a representative of the US embassy in South Sudan this afternoon.

Kau Nak, a representative of South Sudan’s foreign affairs ministry, confirmed in a statement that Christopher’s body has been handed over to the American embassy today.

The United Nations Mission in South Sudan and human rights groups have recently expressed sympathy to the family and friends of Christopher Allen.

He is the tenth journalist to have died in war-torn South Sudan since 2012.



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