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Followers Kiss Prophet Mbonye’s Shoes, Worship Him


Photos have emerged of followers of Kampala self-proclaimed prophet Elvis Mbonye kissing him at a dinner held at Kololo Independence grounds last week.

The grand dinner was a showcase of Prophet Mbonye’s opulence and style.

First, followers had to part with huge amounts of cash to secure attendance: Shs 1m just for the holy chair; Shs 1m platinum tickets; Shs 750,000 gold; Shs 500,000 silver and Shs 300,000 bronze.

This just to have a chance to behold the ‘man of Gaad’ seated high in his mighty chair where they could bow before him and kiss his feet.

A follower kisses Prophet Elvis Mbonye’s feet.

The ‘prophet’ claims to talk to God.



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