Top 10 Movies About Creative People You Must See

Cinema is not just about entertainment. “What a banal thesis, we know about it without you, buddy,” you will say.

But do not rush to conclusions because we are not going to talk about documentary films. We want to talk about a movie that inspires.

I do not know about you, but I always charge myself with energy when I watch someone else’s work process. And if this is not just a work process, but real creativity – a portion of inspiration is exactly ensured.

Today we have prepared for you a list of top 10 art movies that tell about the life and creative path of non-standard and odious personalities. Or vice versa, about the most ordinary characters of everyday life, whose creative potential has made them special.

Enjoy art films and stay inspired! Would you like to watch a movie with your girl? Take this list and enjoy watching!

A Dog of Flanders

This film captivates from the first frames. A touching story of the relationship of a gifted boy and his dog named Patrash is so dramatic and at the same time kind, life-affirming and sincere, that there will not be indifferent people after its viewing. If you are a creator (it does not matter which one: writer, journalist, artist, cook, etc.) going through a crisis and it seems to you that life has turned to you with its back, just watch this movie. You might even be inspired by it to get a pet of your own, perhaps a German Shorthaired Pointer or a Beagle. After all, everyone needs love from a good companion in life. Love multiplied by the desire to create and share it with the world is the key to success in this life.

The Doors

In the 1960s there were many rock bands that influenced the development of different musical styles. One of the groups that inscribed themselves in the history of world culture was the Doors, led by Jim Morrison.

He was not only a poet and performer, but also one of the greatest frontmen in the entire history of rock music. The film tells the story of Morrison’s ascension and shows where Morrison drew inspiration and how he accepted his success.

Total Eclipse

In the second half of the XIX century, French literature was experiencing a special time and replenished not only with the names of talented prose writers.

At this time, there was a small revolution in French poetry, and at its sources stood two poets – mature and experienced Paul Verlaine and his much younger friend Arthur Rimbaud. This film tells a rather ambiguous story of their relationship, in which there was a place for friendship, and love, and envy, and hatred, and passionate obsession.

This story is especially relevant in the context of modernity. Why? Find it out by yourself after viewing. This movie can be called a visual demonstration of what the torment of creativity is and how the people who follow Muse have to live.


One of my favourite biopics with my favourite actress. Young Frida Kahlo has always been an unusual girl: she has never been shy not only to have her opinion on any issue, but she also wants to say loud this opinion. She did not hesitate to wear men’s suits that in the 1920s in Mexico, for women it was almost unthinkable, and she had a very clear civic position. But the world heard about Frida Kahlo not as a strange Mexican woman or politically active citizen, but, first of all, as an artist with an amazing will to live.

A film after which it is impossible to look at life with disdain. Only with love for yourself and the world around you.

La Vie en Rose

Biopic about the famous French singer Edith Piaf, who managed to captivate the whole world with her voice. The story of the star is told in stages, from birth to sad death from an incurable disease. The story begins in early childhood, when Edith was left by her mother and the girl was given in the care of the grandmother. Knowing the world in poverty, surrounded by discrimination, she was able to impress the owner of the Parisian cabaret, who took her to work. She learned from him to be beautiful, to like the audience, to work with accompaniment and soon she felt the first rays of glory.

The Secret of the Night Watch

An extremely topical story about an ominous crime and political conspiracy. The film intrigues the viewer from the first to the last minute, telling about the fascinating history of the creation of the famous masterpiece that has entered today in the treasury of world art – the legendary painting by Rembrandt known as “The Night Watch.”

The picture becomes the key to uncovering the crime. The scenes from the life of the artist shown in the course of the film are somewhat extravagant and very peculiar in helping us to look from a new point of view at the historical events connected with the writing on the canvas.

If you like to be not only a spectator, but also an accomplice in what is happening on the screen (it’s better to read books, hehe) – this film will be a real godsend for you!

Copying Beethoven

Historical melodrama, a real pearl in the list of biopic movies, telling about the life of the great musician and his relationship with the student of the Vienna Conservatory Anna Holtz.

Helping the master to work on the famous Ninth Symphony, Anna falls under the magic of music and assures herself that she can also compose divine works. Beethoven cruelly breaks the girl’s illusions, openly ridiculing her score. Anna retires to the monastery, but the great composer returns her to work on the music, which they begin to hear together.

The Hours

Can the whole life of a woman fit in one day? Three of these stories share space and time, but they are closely intertwined. In 1923, in the provincial town of Richmond, the famous English writer Virginia Woolf began working on her new novel, “Mrs. Dalloway,” trying to cope with her suicidal complex.

A housewife from Los Angeles, Laura Brown, in 1951 seems to be meaningless with her life, outside well-being – an exemplary home, a loving husband, a son, the fourth month of the second pregnancy – she feels lonely and lost. Living in 2001 in New York, Clarissa Vaughan understands that a brief moment of happiness was already experienced in a distant youth, when not even aware of this, and now everything is in the past.

She is a successful editor, there is an adult daughter and a devoted partner with whom they have been together for 10 years. But the only one she loved was Richard, and he was terminally ill. The clock is ticking, time is passing, you need to buy flowers for the celebration today, put it on the table … Vanity, endless trouble, and inside – a cold, frightening emptiness.

Fur: An Imaginary Portrait of Diane Arbus

This film is an artistic version of the biography of the famous photo avant-garde artist Diane Arbus. Acquaintance with the new neighbor, who was suffering a rare anomaly of the skin and asthma attacks, turned upside down the familiar world of a married woman from a rich family. Lionel opened to her his exotic world, taught her to see beauty in people with physical and mental development defects.

The crippled and sick man with the power of his love woke up a powerful and original talent in Diane. She went against the aesthetic dogma and the rules of society, but the payment for it was too high. If you like biography movies​ with a big portion of author’s design, this is must see for you.

The Perfect Man

Mathieu dreams of becoming a writer. However, despite all efforts, publishers invariably respond to him with a refusal, returning the manuscript. Everything changes when one day he finds a battered military diary of a deceased participant in the Algerian war, and the decision comes by itself …