MP Magyezi: Death Threats Won’t Stop Me from Pushing for Age Limit Removal

Igara West MP Raphael Magyezi has said he has received death threats over his support of age limit removal.

Last week, Magyezi rallied a section of ruling National Resistance Movement (NRM) party MPs who resolved to table a private member’s bill in parliament with the view of removing the age limit clause provided for in article 102b of the Constitution.

Once the age limit is removed, Uganda’s three-decade president will be eligible for reelection when the country next goes to the polls in 2021.

Magyezi told reporters at Parliament on Tuesday that all was set for the tabling of the age limit amendment bill despite the threats.

The MP has called for arguments instead of the insults and threats.

“We are serious on this, we hear threats here and there but I would like to hear the arguments,” Magyezi said.

“They say Magyezi you are bad, you are stupid, does that stop me from reasoning? These things of threats and abuses; I would like to see Ugandans move away from this kind of culture.”

He also admitted that he had not consulted the constituents since there was no bill to consult them about.

“People are saying we didn’t consult, colleagues, I am a Member of Parliament, I am not a delegate and you must understand the meaning, yes, I will consult them but I must have a question for consultation. If there is no bill what do you go to consult people about?”

Samuel Kamugisha