Zari Speaks Out On Diamond-Mobetto Cheating Scandal

Hours after Tanzanian singer Diamond Platinumz revealed that he had fathered a baby boy with a video vixen, his fiancé and socialite Zari Hassan has spoken out about the saga.

In a radio interview on Tanzania’s Clouds FM, Diamond admitted that he had cheated on Zari with Tanzanian model and video vixen Hamisa Mobetto.

From their cheating sprees, Mobetto gave birth to a baby boy who has been named Abdul Latif Naseeb Abdul Juma.

Diamond told Clouds FM that he could not deny his own blood, further revealing that he had been injecting cash in Mobetto and their son.

Contrary to Diamond’s claim that Zari was aware that her man had fathered a child with Mobetto, Zari wrote: “The lies you telling about me knowing about your side chic…try and fix your mess and stop with the lies.”

Zari has feigned strength and says Diamond played himself by cheating on her.

“When a person chooses to cheat on you it’s not YOU actually its THEM which usually turns out that they played themselves while they thought they are playing you. You should never look down on yourself, don’t ever think you are worthless because of another person’s mistake & never blame yourself. But always look at how to pick yourself up and get going. That said, with my birthday approaching let’s put all this negative energy behind us and appreciate, LIFE!”

Samuel Kamugisha