Bobi Wine: I am not Sorry for Fighting Constitution Rapists in Parliament

My muscles ache, my joints feel dislocated, the pain in my neck from the strangling is unbearable, my head hurts so bad ,my whole body is in terrible pain but my heart is as SOLID AS A ROCK.

Yesterday, I watched TV in amusement. In our absence from parliament, a few ministers and MPs were trying to lecture us about parliamentary decorum, civility, good manners, and about morality.

They wanted us to be look on and cheer them as they RAPED the Constitution! They wanted us to be gentle while some SOLDIERS dragged elected representatives of the people out of the parliamentary chamber like grasshoppers! They wanted us to sing melodies for Kibuule and thank him for defiling the sanctity of parliament when he entered with a GUN!

Let me ask those people a few questions. What is civil about raping the Constitution? What is moral about selling your conscience? What decorum is there in betraying the people who stood in the sun the whole day trying to elect you to represent them? HOW SHAMELESS CAN YOU BE??

Well, my message to them is this: We shall not be spectators while our country is being killed, plundered and destroyed. We owe it to the present people of Uganda and the generations to come.

As Nelson Mandela said, “When a man is denied the right to live the life he believes in, he has no choice but to become an outlaw.”

Gentleness has its place. Humility has its time. Decorum has its season. None of them is applicable in situations of INJUSTICE. No one would look on as their mother is being raped. Uganda is our mother and that’s why we call her ‘Nyaffe.’ I shall never fail ‘to do all in my power’, to defend and protect the Constitution because that is what Article 3(4) of the Constitution demands of me.

I also want to remind those people that many years ago, President Museveni did not just use punches and kicks to fight what he thought was oppression. He used guns and led a war in which more than 800,000 Ugandans died.

In fact, in his book Mission to Freedom, Museveni writes on Page 2 that ‘The right of rebellion against tyranny has been recognized from the most ancient times to the present day by men of all creeds, ideas and doctrines. It is part and parcel of the notion of political liberty. It transcends any NARROW LAWS enacted by petty DICTATORS and DESPOTS …..rebellion against tyranny is not only a RIGHT, it is a DUTY for all oppressed people to carry out.”

Are we wrong therefore to throw a few kicks and punches in self-defence and in defence of our country’s Constitution? I don’t think so. Oppressed people shall not always be oppressed. Sooner than later, the people of Uganda shall defend their country.


Bobi Wine (Robert Kyagulanyi) is Kyadondo East MP