Ofwono Opondo: MPs Could Be Using Grenades as Own Tactics to Frame Govt

Government spokesperson Ofwono Opondo has spoken out on the grenades that have allegedly been detonated at Opposition MPs homes in the recent days.

MPs Robert Kyagulanyi (Kyadondo East) and Allan Sssewanyana (Makindye East) on Tuesday morning revealed via Social Media that grenades had been thrown at their homes, destroying property.

A similar grenade was detonated at Rubaga North MP Moses Kasibante last week.

Speaking about the occurrences, Ofwono Opondo, also Executive Director Uganda Media Centre pointed out that there is a possibility that MPs are detonating the grenades themselves to frame government.

“Flash bang grenades at opposition MPs’ residences could be own scare tactics to frame government,” Opondo said.

He also noted that such grenades “are used for training purposes and are not harmful,” adding that some opposition elements could have easily acquired them.

“There is no record or history of this NRM government killing political opposition,” Opondo further said.

Police are however still investigating where the grenades could have originated.

Audrey Ninsiima