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ZTE Releases Foldable Phone with Dual Screens

Technology company ZTE has announced a new foldable smartphone, the ZTE Axon M with two screens.

Working similar to a convertible laptop, the screens can be used separately for multitasking on two apps, opened for a full 6.75-inch screen, folded over for two users to watch the same content in ‘mirror mode’ or folded up to be used like a standard phone.

The phone will launch soon with operators in Japan, China and Europe.

AT&T has the exclusive in the US from November and will charge USD 24.17 per month on a 30-month contract with an eligible service plan.

The ZTE Axon M comes with a single 20-megapixel camera, that works both as standard and selfie camera, and also supports 4K video.

ZTE said it will work with developers on apps that can take advantage of the dual-screen functionality of the Android phone.