Religious Leaders Must Take the Lead in Eliminating Poverty – Museveni

President Yoweri Museveni has called upon religious leaders to join him in the struggle of alienating poverty in the different constituences that they serve.

The President was speaking during the Annual National Thanksgiving Service at State House, Entebbe that was held this afternoon under the theme’ Blessed are the peacemakers: for they shall be called the children of God‘ and hosted by the President and the 1st Lady Hon. Janet Museveni.

“68% of homesteads are in subsitence farming. They don’t care about making money yet we are in the era of money economy. You Christians and Moslems must take the lead in chasing poverty from Africa. You cannot have a nation of Moslems with poverty. You, the Christians in the village, how are you shining? You cannot escape by just praying,” he said.

The President referred to the message of the NRM Government’s prioritization to the scriptures saying that it was because of prioritization by the Movement Government that the Harvard Centre for International Development recently brought out a graph which indicated that by 2025, Uganda will be the fastest growing economy in the world.

“We always take the narrow path if necessary. In 2006, the government took a strong stand to suppress the budget and focus on infrastructure, electricity and the Army. The Harvard report is one example of reaping what we sowed after taking the narrow difficult path, “remarked Mr. Museveni.

The President said further that it was because of tough action and decision that fish is back in Lake Victoria which would open up fish factories again.

“The Daily Monitor newspaper today published a story saying that ‘Lake Victoria swells wih fish, factories to re-open’. He noted that the success in the replenishment of fish stock was because the Government involved the Army in chasing those who catch young fish.

Regarding the medical sector, President Museveni warned medical doctors who were disrupting the country with strikes and putting the government on pressure to spend more on consumption.

The President urged religious leaders to continue preaching the message of reconciliation, forgiveness and love. He congratulated Ugandans for finishing the year of 2017 and wished them a prosperous coming year of 2018.

Moses Kayigwa